Service Upgrades


Electrical Service Upgrades

Upgrade Capacity

Did you know national electrical code states all single family homes must have a minimum of 100 amp electrical service?

Why update your electrical service?

  • More capacity, with all the electronic devices and appliances we use these days, electrical demands are ever increasing.
  • To have a modern, safe and properly bonded/grounded system.

Do you still have fuses?

  • Fuses can easily be replaced with larger fuses, leading to wiring which is overloaded, creating a fire hazard.
  • Most insurance companies are forcing homeowners to replace their fuse panels with circuit breakers.


What sets KES apart from the competition?

  • KES installs all their overhead and underground services in PVC conduit. We don't use cheaper SE cable like many contractors.
  • PVC conduit will hold up for many years, where as SE cable will often leak and lead to water damaged meters and panel boards.
  • KES offers an industry leading 5 YEAR, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, WARRANTY on all residential service upgrades


What electrical size is right for my home? 

  • The electrical load of a home is calculated by doing what is called a load calculation. The load calculation takes into account the total square footage of livable space, along with all electrical loads.
  • The majority of homes will never need anything larger than 200 amps.
  • Installation of 100 amp or 200 amp service costs the same in labor but the difference is in material cost. We typically recommend a 200 amp service in most cases as the owner will get the best resale value. (Potential buyers love to hear 200 amp service!)

Service Upgrades
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