Knob and Tube Wiring Inspection

Simply put, active knob and tube wiring cannot have insulation around it.  This antique wiring style was designed to dissipate heat in open air.  When insulation is packed around it, it can no longer dissipate heat like it was designed.  This is just one of the many disadvantages of knob and tube wiring.  To read more about knob and tube wiring, click here.

If you own an older home (built before 1935) and want to add insulation to it, a knob and tube wiring inspection will be required prior to having insulation installed.  This inspection includes one of our electricians thoroughly going through your home, checking it for active knob and tube wiring.  If the home has no active knob and tube wiring, we will sign off a form provided by Mass-Save stating the house is clear.  Once this form is signed off on, you can move forward with insulation work.

However, if the home has active knob and tube wiring in areas where insulation will be installed, we will provide you with an estimate to replace it.  You cannot have the insulation installed until the active knob and tube wiring is replaced.

How much is the inspection going to cost?

We honor the cost set forth by the Mass-Save program which is $250.00 per unit.  If the home is a single family, the cost is $250.  If the house is a multifamily, the cost will be $250.00 per unit we are inspecting.

Some of the electric companies pay for the inspection through the Mass-Save program.  We’re happy to check this for you and see if you qualify for a free inspection!

Ready for Inspection?

Great, we are excited to help! Click here to read an article we wrote that describes the inspection process in more depth; what to expect, how long it will take and more! If you are ready to move forward with a knob and tube inspection with us, Contact Us today!

Industry-Leading Warranties

Kuhlman Electric strives to provide New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents with the highest quality electrical services around. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your results, our industry-leading warranties cover the cost of both our materials and our labor.

We offer a no-questions-asked 3 YEAR parts and labor warranty on all of our electrical installations, except for smoke detectors and motion sensor lights, which each have a 1 year warranty.

We also offer a 5 YEAR warranty on all of our residential electrical service upgrades.

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