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If you have been considering an electric vehicle, there has never been a better time than right now. Many states are offering tax incentives for new buyers, increasing the number of public EV chargers, and shortening the gap between charging stations on highways.  Kuhlman Electric is a Tesla-preferred EV
Whole house surge protectors were introduced into the market decades ago.  During recent years they have really taken off due to a change in electrical code in 2020.  This code change required whole house surge protectors to be installed during all new service upgrades and service installs.  For example,
If you live in New England, you may have noticed that your utility bills are higher than usual. You’re not alone – many residents in the Northeast have been experiencing a price hike. In fact, most U.S. states have seen their electricity rates go up in the last year.
I’m hoping this blog post helps you to properly pick an electrician (or any trade company for that matter) to work at your home.  I’ve met 1000’s of homeowners over my career and see the struggle they have figuring out which company is best for them.  Should I choose
This battle is over a century in the making, literally.  Both kinds of antique wiring have been in homes for OVER 100 YEARS at this point.  Customers ask us which is better all the time, or more commonly, which is worse to have in your home?  Let’s dive in

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