Hiring an Electrician

Hiring An Electrician

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I’m hoping this blog post helps you to properly pick an electrician (or any trade company for that matter) to work at your home.  I’ve met 1000’s of homeowners over …

Knob Tube vs. BX Wiring

Knob and Tube VS. BX Wiring

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This battle is over a century in the making, literally.  Both kinds of antique wiring have been in homes for OVER 100 YEARS at this point.  Customers ask us which …

Porable generator

Choosing a Portable Generator

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Here at KES we are big fans of using portable generators as emergency power. They have one huge advantage over whole house generators, cost! Portable generator systems are a fraction …

IC rated recess

Mass-Save IC Rated Recessed Light Inspection

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Recessed lights come in two variations, insulated ceiling rated (IC rated) or non-insulated ceiling rated.  As you have probably already guessed, the IC rated recessed lights can have insulation packed …

Knob and tube wiring

Mass Save Knob and Tube Inspection

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You have a home that is older, built prior to 1932 and you are looking to take advantage of the great offerings through the Mass Save program to insulate. Why …

Smoke detectors

Smoke Detector Trouble

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Smoke Detector Trouble! It’s 2am and the smoke detectors are going off! Is it a fire? I don’t smell smoke as I walk around the house.  What is it? Why …

Electrician Expert

Ask the Experts

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Jesse Kuhlman recently co-authored a number of How to Articles with WikiHow. He appreciated the opportunity to share his wealth of experience related to common electrical issues, such as grounding …


The Evolution of The KES Office

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In an industry like ours, I can’t overstate the importance of a fully functional office.  Your office is your quarterback: It sets things up, calls the plays, and sees it …

Generator Panel vs. Interlock Kit

Generator Panel vs Interlock Kit

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Manual Generator Panel VS Manual Interlock kit So you have decided to use a portable generator for emergency power, but confused by the options to connect it to your house? …

Kuhlman Electrical Services

The Troubleshooting Conundrum

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There is a bit of confusion with customers when it comes to troubleshooting an electrical issue. Many will ask for upfront price when they call our office to resolve a …


GFCI What?

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GFCI receptacles, also called GFI’s, or known by their proper name ground fault circuit interrupters are life saving devices first used in the 1970’s. You will see them around your …