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At KES we have customers emailing us their home inspection reports on a daily or weekly basis. These new/potential homeowners seem to always find the electrical repairs in the reports the most confusing and will ask us to clear up concerns on the report. Questions about what specifics of the report actually mean and most importantly a rough cost for each repair.

It would be amazing to have a guide that can help customers understand the electrical issues in their home inspector reports AND give them some rough costs of repairs.  Home inspectors may not super knowledgeable about electrical as a result, they are unfortunately providing bad information to new potential buyers. You must understand that a home inspector has to be knowledgeable in ALL aspects of a home. This often means that they are not masters in everything. Many home inspectors got their starts as carpenters, plumbers and maybe some were  electricians, which means their expertise may lie in their original trade. This is not meant to disparage them as their job is important and respected. However, most inspectors don’t know electrical like an electrician. Hiring an electrician to inspect your electrical would be a very smart idea, if you have a home with many issues or older wiring. Most inspectors will take the electrical panel cover off and use a plug tester on receptacles and GFCI’s. However, they won’t take the time to remove cover plates and closely examine the wiring. It will require an electrician to go this deep into the electrical system

The idea was to create a guide that any new homeowner or potential homeowner, could read, side by side with their home inspection report and get some insight into the electrical parts within the report.  Most importantly, include some rough costs coming from an electrical contractor who specializes in residential work.

The guide found below will answer the Top 10 issues we see on home inspection reports, with a Volume 2 coming soon!

We still invite you to email us the electrical part of you inspection report and we will address any questions you have FREE OF CHARGE!  We know how stressful buying a new home can be and it’s the least we can do to help.

Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement

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Home Inspector Reports Volume 1
Author: Jesse Kuhlman, Owner Kuhlman Electrical Services

Now available for digital download. This e-book is especially made for those who want who want a better understanding of their Home Inspector Report and the top 10 electrical issues usually found in the report.


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