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Are you a home or business owner in Seabrook, NH experiencing electrical troubles? If you need a reliable electrician to troubleshoot your issues, install a new light fixture, or rewire your home, you can count on Kuhlman Electrical Services to get the job done. 

As the go-to name for electrical services in Seabrook for over 30 years, KES will get your next project done right. Call (855) HIRE-KES or email kuhlmanelectric@gmail.com to schedule your FREE on-site estimate with us.

KES’s Trusted Electricians Serve Seabrook, NH

When KES started over three decades ago, we were just a father and son helping out around the neighborhood. Now, we have a team of over 40 professional electricians who are all licensed, insured, and trained on the latest industry standards to provide you with the best.

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Interested in our services but unsure whether you can afford it? We offer FREE on-site quotes! Fill out the form below to schedule an appointment with a KES electrician, and we’ll come out to provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of your project.

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    Electrical Services Offered in Seabrook, NH

    Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we try to offer as many electrical services as possible. Below, you’ll find some of the popular jobs we complete in Seabrook:

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services
    From small installations like televisions to larger projects like outdoor lighting, we are experts in electrical installation services. If you need any type of electrical equipment or devices installed in your home or office, we can help.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Before trying to solve your own electrical issues, give KES a call. Our electricians are experienced in electrical troubleshooting and can help you navigate your problems and offer the best solution for your home.

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    Electrician Pricing
    If your house is still running on an old fuse panel, you are overdue for a replacement. Fuse panels aren’t built to withstand modern appliances, and you could be wasting energy or money. KES offers panel replacements and 200amp electrical upgrades to increase your home’s energy load and allow your devices to run efficiently.

    BX Wiring

    Electrician Services
    BX wiring, also known as armored cable, is another outdated electrical wiring that KES can replace. If you have BX wiring in your home, you might encounter issues, including the inability to install new fixtures or plug in appliances with 3-pronged cords. Luckily, we are experienced in rewiring homes with armored cable.

    Knob and Tube Wiring

    Older homes in Seabrook may still be wired with knob and tube wiring. While it’s not always necessary to replace this wiring, you can come up against issues if you're looking to insure your home or install new insulation. KES does knob and tube inspections, repairs, and rewiring for your home.

    Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

    Electrician Pricing
    While electric vehicles are great for the environment, they can be a little inconvenient, especially if you don't have a public charging station nearby. KES specializes in electric vehicle charger installation for all brands, and we only use the highest quality materials and proper techniques to guarantee a safe and dependable installation.

    Why Choose KES’s Trusted Electricians in Seabrook?

    If you’re wondering what sets us apart from the competition in Seabrook, we believe it is our complete dedication to our craft and to our customers. We offer highly competitive prices, skilled workmanship, and unbeatable, industry-leading three and five-year warranties, all to satisfy you. 

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    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need electrical work done in Seabrook, NH. We specialize in residential and commercial electrical services and will come to your property for your free on-site quote. Call us today at (855) HIRE-KES or email us at kuhlmanelectric@gmail.com.

    Areas We Serve

    We provide our services across eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Visit our location page to see a full list of the towns we serve.