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Electricians Serving Residential and Commercial Areas in Tyngsborough, MA

In our modern world, we require electricity for almost all of our routine activities, from illuminating our homes to accessing hot water and powering gaming consoles. When outages or other problems interrupt our access to electricity, it’s difficult to feel at ease or productive in your space. Fixing these issues quickly and correctly isn’t just a preference but a necessity. Our electricians deliver fast, reliable electrical services, so you’ll never be out of power for long.

If you need an electrician in Tyngsborough, MA, Kuhlman Electrical Services is ready to help. KES’s licensed electricians are qualified to address many common issues in residential and commercial settings. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, obtain a free estimate, and discover the KES difference.

    Our Services

    Electrician Services
    KES’s professional electricians always aim to deliver the highest standard of electrical services to Tyngsborough, MA residents, and surrounding communities. Whether you need a simple electrical panel replacement or a whole-house system upgrade, our electricians are fully prepared to expertly and efficiently meet your needs. Kuhlman’s electricians are dedicated to ensuring homes and businesses in the Tyngsborough area have the power and systems required for people to live and work safely and comfortably in each space. When you trust our electricians with your electrical needs, rest assured that we’ll never leave you in the dark. 

    Electrical Troubleshooting


    If you have an outage or other sudden, urgent issue, give us a call so we can troubleshoot with you over the phone. We’ll walk you through a series of simple fixes to resolve the problem immediately, so you don’t have to wait for a technician. Usually, one of these fixes resolves the issue fairly quickly. However, if simple solutions don’t work, we’ll send a technician right away to address the problem in person. 

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    Electrician Pricing

    In most modern homes, the previous standard 100 amp isn’t enough to power the wide range of appliances and electronic devices many 21st-century families use. KES can help you upgrade your system to 200 amp, so you have plenty of power available for your gaming systems, powerful HVAC, and appliances. If necessary, we can also replace your entire electrical panel to ensure it’s compatible with your new system. 

    BX Wiring

    Electrician Services
    BX wiring—also known as armored cable—is the second generation of residential electric wiring. Despite it coming after knob and tube, it’s actually more dangerous to have in your home. KES can replace BX wiring in your home or business with modern, durable wiring to deliver safe, efficient power to your space.

    Knob and Tube Wiring


    Knob and tube wiring was the first electrical wiring used to power public, commercial buildings, and residential homes. Many modern homes still contain knob and tube fittings, which are inefficient but not necessarily dangerous. However, it can become hazardous if the wiring becomes overloaded or degraded. KES’s electricians can upgrade your knob and tube wiring to a safer, modern system equipped to handle all the power you need.

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

    Electrician Pricing
    Electric vehicles are rising in popularity as they become more affordable and available to the general public. Though EV charging stations have also become more common, it’s more convenient and practical. Our electricians at KES have installed many EV chargers in private homes, and can easily add one to your garage, ensuring your car is always charged and ready to go.

    30 Years As a Trusted Name in Electrical Work

    Kuhlman Electrical Services has kept the lights on throughout Eastern Massachusetts for more than 30 years. We’ve proudly served MA residents and small business owners during that time, ensuring they have the power to fully enjoy their space or efficiently run their business. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical services by keeping our electricians up to date on the latest codes, safety standards, and electrical products.

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