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One of the most disruptive things that can happen to your home is a power outage. Not only do the lights go out, but essential appliances like your fridge stop working, the air conditioning turns off, and your home suddenly becomes a source of annoyance and worry. When these unexpected outages occur, it’s important to have an experienced electrician on call who can figure things out fast, and get you and your family back to business as usual.

Kuhlman Electric is a team of skilled, licensed electrical contractors serving residential, commercial, and retail areas in Stoughton, MA. Our electricians provide a wide range of services that can help meet all of your electrical needs.

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If you need electrical assistance fast, call Kuhlman Electric today to speak with a skilled electrical contractor. Our team of electricians are dedicated to fixing your electrical issues so you can start living comfortably again.

    Home Inspections

    Electrician Services
    Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of property damage in the U.S, which is why it’s crucial to have a licensed electrician inspect your home and help identify any issues. Our electrical contractors can assist with providing a fully comprehensive inspection of your electrical systems, paying close attention to any potentially faulty installations or wiring. If we identify anything that isn’t up to code or is simply unsafe, our electricians will work with you to have it addressed as soon as possible.

    Residential and Commercial Electrician

    Our team of electricians is dedicated to serving all of the electrical needs for residents of Stoughton, MA, across residential and commercial areas. Our licensed electricians in Stoughton can not only keep the power on in your house, but they can also help commercial businesses with maintaining electrical efficiency. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and we strive to provide a comprehensive service that meets any needs.

    Portable Generator

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    Emergency power sources like a portable generator can be helpful in the event of an outage or electrical emergency, so it’s crucial to have one that’s properly installed. Our skilled electricians have over a decade of experience installing portable generators in Stoughton, MA. Our team wants to ensure your power stays on no matter the situation.

    Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting can be an effective way to light up your home while also making it feel more vibrant and spacious than ever before. By using direct downward light, recessed lighting makes the finer details of your home stand out without the need for traditional hanging lights or standing lamps. Our electricians in Stoughton can assist with installing brilliant recessed lighting that makes your home feel like a brand new space, all while avoiding damage to your ceiling and abiding by local code.

    Knob and Tube Wiring

    Electrical wiring has significantly evolved since it was first introduced over a hundred years ago, and one of the earliest forms of residential wiring in Massachusetts is knob and tube wiring. Knob and tube wiring has become obsolete as technology has become more advanced and electrically intensive. While not inherently dangerous, knob and tube wiring can become a hazard if it’s improperly maintained, and if necessary, our experienced electricians can help remove any wiring as needed. If you need your knob and tube wiring removed in Stoughton, MA, then contact Kuhlman’s expert electricians. 

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

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    Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular and accessible as drivers have sought out more economical and eco-friendly ways to get around. The need for electric vehicle chargers has grown alongside this trend and considering they can be challenging to find in some areas, it can be very convenient to have a personal EV charger installed directly in your home. Our team of electricians has extensive experience installing EV chargers that work cohesively with your home’s electrical systems, and provide all of the charge you need to drive wherever you need to go. Contact Kuhlman Electric today if you need a personal EV charger installed in Stoughton, MA.

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