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Electricity powers every facet of our modern life. From iPhones to refrigerators and air conditioning units–you can’t afford to have your home or business lose power. If you’re in need of a local licensed electrician in Somerville, Boston, or anywhere in eastern Massachusetts, look no further than Kuhlman Electric. Our team of local electricians are fully committed to providing the highest quality electrical solutions in Somerville so you never have to worry about a power outage ever again.

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    Electrical Services Kuhlman Electric Offers in Somerville, MA

    Kuhlman Electric’ electricians are licensed and certified to provide you with a wide variety of residential and commercial electrical services for Somerville residents including:

    Knob and Tube Wiring


    Knob and Tube wiring was the standard of interior electrical work up to the 1930s but has since been replaced with more modern, electric-efficient wiring. Most people don’t realize that this form of outdated wiring can cost them thousands per year in electrical costs. Additionally, these antiquated forms of wiring can be dangerous if not replaced or updated, especially if they carry heavy loads of electricity. 

    If you have an older model house and have been losing sleep over your electricity bill, contact Kuhlman Electric today to schedule a free in-home inspection. 

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services

    Kuhlman Electric handles a large swath of electrical installations around the home or office including new light fixtures, light switches, heated floors, USB light outlets, and so much more. If you have an electrical upgrade idea for your home or business, contact us today to see how our professional team of electricians can make it a reality!

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Electrician Pricing

    Kuhlman has electrical industry experts who specialize in electrical troubleshooting. If you are having an electrical issue that should be left to an expert, we’ll send a qualified electrician out to diagnose and fix the problem. There are few electricity issues that Kuhlman Electric in Somerville, MA can’t solve.

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    If you expect your modern home to run well and efficiently on a 100 amp electrical service, guess again. Most modern homes need at least a 200 amp electrical upgrade if they’re not to that standard already. Smaller homes may be able to get by on a 100 amp system, but if you have more than two bedrooms, it’s very much suggested that you upgrade to a 200 amp system.

    BX Wiring


    After first-generation knob and tube wiring became outdated, BX wiring became the standard for interior electrical wiring. BX wiring has since become antiquated as well and is hazardous to keep in most homes. This second-generation wiring is prone to overheating and loose connections. We can remove and upgrade your outdated BX electrical wiring with modern protocols and standards.

    EV Charger Installation

    Electrician Pricing
    Electric vehicles are not only a popular form of travel, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels for transportation. As electric vehicles continue to increase in use and popularity, so does the need for vehicle charging stations at home or work. Kuhlman’s experienced Somerville electricians can install an EV charging station in your home or business, reducing the risk of you getting stuck on the road without a charged battery.

    Why Choose Our Trusted Electricians in Somerville?

    Kuhlman Electric has provided residents of Somerville, MA with quality electrical solutions for over 30 years. Our outstanding work speaks for itself. From installing light fixtures to upgrading a home’s wiring, our electricians can get the job done efficiently, safely, and without any hiccups. Kuhlman also provides industry-leading 3 & 5 year warranties on all of our residential electrical service upgrades. 

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