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Need a reliable electrician in Randolph, MA? Look no further because you've come to the right place! Kuhlman Electrical Services is a team of experienced and trusted electricians who are waiting to help your home or business with all your electrical needs.

Whether you need a whole home electrical rewiring or simply need to upgrade your business’s electrical panel to handle a modern electrical load, KES is your go-to electrical service provider. 

Trusted Electricians Serving Randolph, MA

Randolph, MA, trusts KES to deliver the highest quality electrical services at the most competitive prices. Check out our rates page to learn more about our pricing models in Randolph. Plus, you’ll love our unbeatable three and five-year warranties!

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    Electrical Services Available in Randolph

    Our team of electricians in Randolph offers a wide range of services, including

    Knob and Tube Wiring

    If you have an older home, chances are it may have knob and tube wiring. This type of wiring can be dangerous and can cause issues with your electrical system. Our electricians are trained to handle knob and tube wiring and can help you upgrade your system to a safer and more efficient option.

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services
    Need help with a new electrical installation? Our team can help with everything from installing outlets and light fixtures to wiring a new addition to your home. We'll make sure your electrical system is installed safely and efficiently.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Electrician Pricing

    If you're experiencing issues with your electrical system, our team can help. We have the expertise to troubleshoot and diagnose any electrical problems you may have, and we'll work quickly to get your system back up and running smoothly.

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    If you're looking to upgrade your electrical panel to a 200 amp system or if you need to replace an old or outdated panel, KES can help. Our team of experienced electricians can handle any panel upgrade or replacement project, and we'll ensure that your new panel is installed safely and correctly.

    BX Wiring


    BX wiring, which is also called armored cable, is a type of electrical wiring that is mostly used in residential and commercial buildings. At KES, our licensed electricians are trained and experienced in working with BX wiring. Our electrical contractors will help you with any necessary repairs or upgrades.

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

    Electrician Pricing

    EVs are becoming more mainstream. That's why having a reliable, efficient EV charger is crucial to keeping your vehicle ready to go. Our electricians are trained and certified in EV charger installation. We use only the highest quality products and materials to ensure your charger is installed properly and safely.

    Why Choose KES For Electrical Services in Randolph?

    At KES, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality electrical services at affordable prices. Our electricians are trained and certified to handle just about any electrical issue you may be facing. Plus, KES has a commitment to excellent customer service. Trust us to go above and beyond to deliver the best electrical services for your home or business.

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    We are not only licensed to serve cities in Massachusetts but in New Hampshire as well. Check out all of the areas we serve!