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Kuhlman Electrical Services is Norwood’s premier choice for electrical work. Our certified electrical contractors in Norwood, MA are here to help, whether it's an emergency or simply a routine electrical check-up. Kuhlman Electrical Services has the knowledge, experience, and finesse to tackle any wiring or electrical problem.

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    Electrical Services We Provide in Norwood

    Our knowledgeable, fully-certified technicians can handle any electrical or wiring problem. Here are some of the routine electrical services our professional technicians perform in Norwood.

    Knob and Tube Wiring


    Knob and tube wiring was the industry standard for home electrical wiring. However, this system is considered antiquated by today's standards because knob and tube wiring has a crucial disadvantage. With knob and tube wiring, you can’t have insulation surrounding it due to the need for open space to dissipate the heat. 

    Many older homes (pre-1935) use this older form of wiring and should be updated for safety and to save money on heating costs. Kuhlman Electrical Services inspects this older form of wiring and can service it or replace it entirely. 

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services
    Should you need to replace an old, unsafe electrical system or are looking to install one for the first time in a new home or office, Kuhlman Electrical Services is your go-to electrician in Norwood, MA. We offer electrical installations and can help you take the schematics and wiring diagrams and bring them to life in your new home, office, or newly renovated space.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

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    Kuhlman Electrical Services can also troubleshoot any electrical problems your home or workspace may be experiencing. We are experts at getting to the bottom of faulty wiring, damaged converters, and overloaded circuit breakers.

    Since 2020, all in-home circuit breakers need to be fault-arc breakers. These are designed to trip or cut the power if they detect any arcs, which are exactly what they sound like—arcs of electricity between two wires. 

    Arcs are dangerous and can lead to house fires, so having a fault-arc circuit breaker is essential. However, many false alarms can trigger your circuit breaker into tripping even without the presence of an arc. We can get to the bottom of these false alarms and keep your power on!

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    Outdated fuse panels and overloaded breaker panels aren’t just inconvenient; they could be costing you on your monthly electric bill. KES offers electrical panel replacements to keep your appliances running efficiently, as well as 200 amp electrical upgrades that are a great choice if you are running newer devices in an older home. 

    BX Wiring

    BX wiring was the second generation of home wiring after knob and tube, but it is more difficult to work with when updating your appliances or fixtures. Modern wiring can’t be expanded off of BX wiring, and 3-pronged plugs won’t work in your home’s outlets. We offer BX wiring repairs and replacement, and can give you a comprehensive estimate if you are looking to rewire and modernize your home. 

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

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    If you’ve been considering installing an electric vehicle charger in your home or office, we can help! We’ll determine if your electrical load is large enough to withstand an EV charger, and use high quality materials to ensure a safe and professional installation. We are a preferred installer with Tesla, and our electricians are up to date on the latest National Electrical Code Standards. 

    Why Choose Us For Electrical Services in Norwood

    Norwood, MA, trusts Kuhlman Electrical Services to deliver top-quality electrical services, and it’s our duty to provide. We stand by the quality of our work and the dedication of our trusted electricians. It’s why we can guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, and why we provide industry-leading 5 year warranties on all of our residential electrical service upgrades! 

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