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Are you looking for an electrician in Needham, MA, that fixes problems correctly the first time, so you don’t have to call back a few months later? Kuhlman Electrical Services provides installation, repairs, and maintenance to residents and businesses throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

When there’s something wrong with your electrical system, you need a name that you know will get the job done right. Call us today! We pride ourselves on a combination of quality workmanship and excellent customer service that has kept clients returning for over 30 years.

Our Trusted Electricians Serve Needham MA

When you hire someone to do electrical work in your home or commercial property, you need someone you can trust. Residents of Massachusetts have trusted Kuhlman Electrical Services for over three decades, so you can be assured that our number is the right one to call. 

Whether you have an electrical emergency or are looking to upgrade your home, our team of experienced electricians is just a call away. 

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    Electrical Services in Needham

    At Kuhlman Electrical Services, we offer a wide range of installation, repair, and maintenance services so that you can sleep well at night, knowing Kuhlman’s electricians are just a phone call away. 

    Take a look at our most popular services in Needham, MA.

    Knob and Tube Wiring


    Older homes in Massachusetts come with charm and history, but they can also have challenging electrical needs. Many homes in New England were built before 1950, and if yours was, there is a good chance it has knob and tube wiring. 

    One of the largest differences between modern wiring and knob and tube wiring is that this older wiring has no ground wire. If you go into the basement of your home to examine the wiring and see porcelain tubes inserted into the floor, you have knob and tube wiring. 

    Knob and tube wiring is too outdated to support modern electrical items such as three-prong plugs. There is an increased risk of shock and fire with knob and tube wiring, and the plastic insulation often wears over time. Kuhlman’s electricians in Needham are experienced in repairing and replacing knob and tube wiring, so you and your family can stay safe.   

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services

    Electrical projects can be a huge undertaking if you don’t have a lot of experience, which is why Kuhlman Electrical Services can handle any installation project you have. Whether you want to add recessed lighting to your kitchen or an electrical panel installation, we have a professional electrician who is right for the job.

    Here are some of the most common installation services we do:

    • Light fixtures
    • Smart thermostats
    • In-floor bathroom heating mats
    • Ceiling fans
    • Circuit breakers

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Electrician Pricing

    Have you ever had an electrical problem but weren’t sure what was causing it? Knowing there is a problem is one thing, but sometimes figuring out why you are having electrical issues can be more of a challenge. We offer electrical troubleshooting services so that we can fix the problem for you from the source. 

    Our process is designed to find and fix electrical problems in your home, ensuring that the issue is resolved so that you don’t have to worry about it again. 


    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    Upgrading your electrical system to 200 amps can improve its efficiency while also making your home or commercial property safer for the people inside. Homes with 100 amp electrical services cannot properly support all of the electronics we use today. This is especially important in homes where multiple people have smartphones and laptops. 

    BX Wiring


    BX wiring is another outdated wiring system commonly found in older homes throughout the northeast. BX wiring is covered in cloth, which breaks down over time, especially in places where the wires often get hot. This wiring can pose an even larger threat than knob & tube wiring to your home’s safety. 

    If you are concerned about the potential hazard of your home’s BX wiring, our Needham electricians can install newer, safer wiring. If you still aren’t sure why your wiring needs to be replaced, we believe great communication is extremely important and will ensure you understand everything before starting. 

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

    Electrician Pricing
    If you have an electric vehicle, it is necessary to charge it at home, and installing one is easier than you might think. We offer charger installations for a fair price so that we can help you help the environment. 

    Why Choose Kuhlman Electrical Services in Needham

    Kuhlman Electrical Services has been providing top-notch electrical work in Needham, MA, for  over thirty years. We pride ourselves on great service, upfront pricing, and highly trained electricians. From installing air conditioning in your new house to upgrading your electrical system, Kuhlman is a one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. 

    Don’t forget to check out our incredible three and five-year warranty!

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    For larger projects, Kuhlman Electrical Services offer free estimates so that you can go into your project knowing what to expect. We will schedule a convenient time for you, then one of our experienced electricians will come to your property and evaluate the project on-site. 

    Call us today and get started on your next electrical upgrade. To learn more about prices, check out our rates page.

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    Kuhlman’s is a locally owned business that provides excellent service to various locations across Massachusetts and parts of New Hampshire. If you have a project outside Needham, we serve these other areas.