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Our Licensed Electricians Provide Trustworthy Electrical Services to Nahant Residents

Electrical issues in your home or business can be frustrating and tiresome, but with the help of a professional electrician, you can get back to your routine fast. Kuhlman Electrical Services provides various trustworthy electrical services to Nahant residents, from regular inspections to extensive rewiring projects. Our electricians have been serving Nahant and eastern Massachusetts for over thirty years, building a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction with every home we visit.

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    Services We Offer

    The licensed electricians at KES are skilled and trained in a long list of professional electrical services. Whether you need help with a minor electrical malfunction or a significant system breakdown, our experienced electricians have the tools and knowledge to get the job done. If you need electrical work done in Nahant, MA, contact us today.

    Knob and Tube Wiring

    Knob and tube wiring is an antiquated form of wiring that can still be found in many Massachusetts homes. Although this wiring isn’t inherently dangerous, it still poses some risks due to its heat sensitivity and outdated construction. If you have knob and tube wiring in your Nahant home, call KES today, and we’ll replace it with modern wiring that is safer for your home.

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services

    Adding new electrical installations to your home or business can significantly upgrade it. Still, it’s best to let professionals handle the installation process so it’s done both safely and correctly. Kuhlman Electrical Services can complete a plethora of electrical installations for your property. This includes light fixtures, ceiling fans, in-floor bathroom heating mats, and more.

    Call Kuhlman Electrical Services the next time you consider adding a new electrical installation to your home or business.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

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    If your electrical concerns don’t require emergency assistance, KES’ skilled electricians can provide electrical troubleshooting to help you find a solution. We’ll guide you through fixes over the phone, and if the issue proves too complicated to solve, we’ll send a local electrician to provide whatever service is necessary.


    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    If your home relies on 100 amp electrical service, you may struggle to power all the electronic devices and appliances you use daily. Upgrading to 200 amp service can give your home a significant boost, and Kuhlman Electrical Services can complete this upgrade fast.

    Our electricians in Nahant can also replace damaged electrical panels, giving your home a healthy and functional electrical system. Contact KES today to bring your home’s electricity into the modern age.

    BX Wiring


    BX wiring is another outdated form of electrical wiring like knob and tube, but it can be far more dangerous if left in unacceptable conditions. BX wiring is especially sensitive to heat and can become a major fire hazard if it’s kept in someplace that’s poorly ventilated. Kuhlman Electrical Services can remove BX wiring in Nahant, MA, and replace it with safer wiring that won’t pose the same risks.

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

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    Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent in daily life, but unfortunately, there often aren’t enough public electric vehicle charging stations around to meet the needs of drivers. KES’ professional electricians can make it easier to charge your electric vehicle by installing an electric vehicle charger in your home. That way, you’ll never have to go far to get the power you need for your next adventure.

    Contact Kuhlman Electrical Services to learn more about how we can install EV chargers for Tesla, Ford, Chevy vehicles, and more.

    Our Electricians Provide Electrical Services to Both Residential and Commercial Areas

    Kuhlman’s skilled electricians provide premier electrical services to residential and commercial areas. This means that whether an outlet stops working at home or a fuse keeps blowing at your job, our licensed contractors can deliver the exemplary service you need. Just call our local Nahant electricians, and we’ll help you get back to your routine.

    Why Choose Us

    At Kuhlman Electrical Services, the quality of our work and ability to satisfy customers is paramount. The only reason we’ve been able to serve Nahant and eastern Massachusetts for so long is that we’ve demonstrated time and again that our electrical services are some of the best. That’s why we approach every job with precision, professionalism, and above all else, respect for you and your property.

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    Get your electrical issues taken care of today with Kuhlman Electrical Services and our wide array of quality electrical services. Our skilled electrical contractors in Nahant are ready to answer questions and complete all necessary electrical work so you can have a more functional space. Don’t wait until you’re living in the dark; call KES today for a free in-home estimate on your next electrical project.

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