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Top Quality Electrical Work in Dracut, MA 

In this day and age, electricity is essential for almost everything that we do, from lighting our homes to washing our clothes, and everything in between. That’s why electrical inconveniences can be such a pain. Having to stop everything and schedule an electrician is time-consuming and inconvenient. That’s why at KES, we know how important it is to resolve your electrical problems as fast as possible. 

If you’re suffering from electrical issues in Dracut, MA, KES can help. Our experienced electricians can perform a wide variety of services; whether you need residential or commercial assistance, we have you covered. Kuhlman Electrical Services offers reasonably priced, professional services and free estimates. Call us today and schedule an appointment; discover the KES difference.

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If you need electrical assistance fast, call Kuhlman Electrical Services today to speak with a skilled electrical contractor. Our team of electricians are dedicated to fixing your electrical issues so you can start living comfortably again.

    Our Services

    Electrician Services
    No matter what type of service you require, big or small, residential or commercial, our electricians are here to help. We provide every kind of electrical service under the sun to Dracut and surrounding areas. Our electricians take pride in the work they do, and we promise to leave your home better than we found it when we’re done.

    Electrical Installations

    While it may be tempting to perform an electrical installation independently, it is best left to professionals. Our team can ensure that your new electrical fixture is properly installed and working as it should.If you are looking to add a new electrical installation to your home, contact Kuhlman Electrical Services today.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Electrician Pricing
    If you require electrical troubleshooting over the phone, our electricians can help. We may be able to diagnose or even solve your problem in just a short phone call. If your electrical issue can’t be solved over the phone, we can send out one of our skilled Dracut technicians to help. Customer care and convenience is our top priority at KES, and offering services like electrical troubleshooting allows you to get back to work as fast as possible.

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    Electrician Services
    If your home is still relying on 100 amp electrical service, our Dracut electricians can provide an upgrade to 200 amps that will let you use all of your electronic devices with ease. We can also replace your whole electrical panel if it’s damaged or malfunctioning in any way, so your home’s electricity can be in the best shape possible.

    BX Wiring

    Electrician Pricing
    BX wiring is the second generation of electrical wiring, following knob and tube wiring. While BX wiring may be newer than its counterpart, it can be more dangerous. Kuhlman Electrical Services can remove BX wiring in Dracut and have it replaced with wiring that is both more durable and reliable. 

    KES Team

    If you require an electrician in Nashua, NH, call Kuhlman Electrical Services today so we can do what we do best. Our local Nashua electricians can provide a free in-home estimate so you know exactly what you’ll be getting from our service. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we have the tools and knowledge to ensure your home’s electricity is in the best shape possible.

    Knob and Tube Wiring

    Knob and tube wiring is a part of the first generation of electrical wiring, making it some of the oldest wiring still around today. While knob and tube wiring is not inherently dangerous, withage, knob and tube wiring may begin to deteriorate and could become hazardous. Our electricians can remove knob and tube wiring in Dracut, and replace it with wiring that’s safer and better suited for your modern home.

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

    Electrician Pricing
    As electric vehicles become more popular, the need for electric vehicle chargers grows with them. While you could seek out EV charging stations to give your vehicle the power it needs, it’s much more convenient to have an EV charger in your home. KES can install an EV charger in your garage that’s compatible with your car, allowing you to charge up whenever you need.

    Our Electricians are Right for Any Job, Big or Small

    At Kuhlman Electrical Services, we know how vital quality electric work is to our customers. Our licensed electricians are highly skilled and prepared to serve your exact needs, and we are determined to provide the most dependable and affordable services to our clients in Dracut, MA. Contact us today to get started with a free in-home estimate.

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