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Are you a home or business owner looking for a high-quality electrician in Dedham, MA? Kuhlman Electric has been the go-to name in residential and commercial electrical services for over 30 years, and we’re ready to take on any electrical projects you have.

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Kuhlman Electric Electricians Serving Dedham, MA

Our team of insured, licensed electricians has decades of combined experience serving customers in Dedham. Our employees are trained on the latest safety procedures, regional codes, and industry trends to guarantee professional work that’s done right.

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If you need electrical work at your home or business, start by filling out our online form below. We offer FREE on-site quotes to all of our customers, and someone from our team will contact you to set up your in-person estimate at a time that works for you.

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    Electrical Services Kuhlman Electric Offers in Dedham

    As a family-owned and operated company, Kuhlman Electric takes pride in offering our customers the best electrical services in Dedham, MA. Here are some of the most popular projects we complete for home and business owners. 

    Knob and Tube Wiring

    If your home in Dedham was built before 1935, there’s a chance it is wired with knob and tube wiring. You don’t always need to replace this type of wiring, but insurance companies often won’t insure homes with knob and tube because its proximity to insulation can be a fire hazard. Kuhlman Electric offers inspections, rewiring, and repairs for homes with knob and tube wiring. 

    Electrical Installation Services

    Electrician Services
    Installing a new television, adding light fixtures to your office, and even rewiring your home can be a breeze when you let us handle the job. Kuhlman Electric will complete all types of electrical installation services, regardless of size.

    Electrical Troubleshooting

    Electrician Pricing

    Troubleshooting your own electricity issues can be challenging, if not dangerous. Kuhlman Electric certifies our electricians in all types of electrical troubleshooting to help you locate your problem and find the right way to solve it. 

    200 Amp Electrical Upgrades and Panel Replacements

    If you have newer devices and appliances running in an older home, you could have an outdated fuse panel and insufficient amperage to support your electrical load. We offer panel replacements and 200amp electrical upgrades to homeowners in Dedham, MA, so that you can guarantee your home runs smoothly and safely.

    BX Wiring


    BX wiring was the second generation of wiring in homes after knob and tube and was phased out in the 1940s. We often recommend replacing BX wiring because the cloth that covers it can degrade over time, leaving exposed, hot, and potentially live copper wires. It also is incompatible with modern wiring, so any new fixtures can’t be installed.

    If you suspect your home is wired with BX wiring, Kuhlman Electric can give you a FREE on-site quote for the complete cost of rewiring.

    Electrical Vehicle Chargers

    Electrician Pricing
    If you’re curious about your home’s ability to withstand an EV charger, give us a call! Kuhlman Electric can install an electric vehicle charger right in your garage or at your business for your convenience. We are a certified Tesla installer and can install chargers for all brands of electric cars.

    Why Choose Kuhlman Electric For Electrical Services in Dedham?

    Kuhlman Electric offers competitive rates, free in-home & remote estimates, and unbeatable, industry-leading three and five-year warranties to all of our customers. What really sets us apart is our complete dedication and commitment to providing you with the best services for all of your electrical needs.

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    Areas We Serve

    Kuhlman Electric provides unbeatable electrical services to home and business owners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Visit our location page to see a more specific list of the towns we serve.