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What Is An Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel, often known as a breaker box, fuse box, or circuit breaker box, is the heart of your home’s electrical system. The electrical panel is where the incoming electricity from your utility provider is divided into different circuits to distribute power throughout your home.

Each circuit is protected by a circuit breaker, which is designed to shut off in the event of an overload or short circuit, protecting your circuit breaker box and home from electrical fires.

Electrical Panel Types

There are various types of electrical panels, including main breaker panels, main lug panels, and sub-panels. The main breaker electrical panel has a large circuit breaker switch that can shut off power to the entire home.

Main lug panels do not have a main circuit breaker switch and are often used as distribution panels downstream of a main breaker. Sub-panels are secondary panels that draw power from the main electrical panel and are used to distribute electricity to a specific area of the home or an outbuilding.

When Electrical Panel Replacement is Necessary

You need a new electrical panel when your current electrical system no longer meets your home’s electrical needs or poses a safety risk.

Here are some signs to watch for:

Your Electrical Panel Is More Than 25 Years Old

Like most things, electrical panels wear out over time. You’ll need a new electrical panel if your electrical panel is over 25 years old. It may not be up to modern electrical codes and may not be able to handle the demands of today’s high-powered appliances.

Flickering Lights

Do you find yourself having the throw the circuit breaker switch all the time? If you’re tired of taking the trip to the breaker box all the time, you might need a new electrical panel. If your lights often flicker or dim, especially when you turn on other appliances, it’s a clear sign your electrical panel may be overloaded and may need replacement.

Burnt Smell

Do you find yourself having the throw the circuit breaker switch all the time? If you’re tired of taking the trip to the breaker box all the time, you might need a new electrical panel. If your lights often flicker or dim, especially when you turn on other appliances, it’s a clear sign your electrical panel may be overloaded and may need replacement.

You Can’t Find An Open Outlet In Your House

If you’re constantly using extension cords or power strips because there aren’t enough outlets, your electrical panel might be outdated. Modern homes require more circuits and circuit breakers to provide power to all the appliances and electronics we use daily.

Faulty Wiring

Old or improperly installed wiring can lead to circuit overloads and an increased risk of electrical fires. Running to the breaker box and flipping the circuit breaker won’t do the trick. Replacing your electrical panel allows for a check of your home’s wiring and an opportunity to upgrade if necessary.

Your Circuit Breakers Trip Often

Frequent tripping of circuit breakers is a symptom of an overtaxed or failing electrical panel. Circuit breakers are designed to trip as a safety measure when a circuit in the breaker box is overloaded. If your circuit breaker panel trips often, it’s time to consider an electrical panel replacement.


Rust on your electrical panel is a sign of moisture intrusion, which can seriously damage your electrical panel and pose a safety risk. If rust is visible, it’s a clear indication that your panel needs replacing.

Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

If you’ve noticed any of the issues mentioned above, it might be time to replace your electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical panel will ensure your home’s electrical system is safe, efficient, and able to meet the demands of modern appliances and electronics.

At Kuhlman Electric, we recommend consulting with a professional electrician who can assess your electrical panel and advise on the best course of action.

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel To 200-amp?

Yes, upgrading to a 200-amp electrical panel is often a good idea, especially for older homes. Modern homes have a higher electrical demand due to the number of electrical devices and appliances we use daily.

A 200-amp electrical panel provides more capacity, accommodating this increased demand and allowing for future expansion. Moreover, if you plan on adding a major appliance like an electric vehicle charging station, a 200-amp panel is crucial to safely support the load.

Cost Of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Electrical panel replacement costs can vary depending on several factors, including the type of electrical panel, the complexity of the electrical panel installation, and regional labor costs. At Kuhlman Electric, we charge by the hour for service calls, and we strive to provide the most accurate estimates possible when replacing electrical panels.

Cost Breakdown By Part

Please note these are rough estimates for the cost to replace an electrical panel part, and the actual cost can vary:

  • To Replace Main Breaker Panel: $200 – $300
  • To Replace An Electrical Panel Circuit Breaker: $5 – $60 each (depending on type)
  • To Replace An Electrical Panel Wiring: $6 – $8 per foot
  • Labor: $195 per subsequent hour after the first hour, which is $225

Factors That Determine Cost To Replace An Electrical Panel

Several factors can impact the cost when you go to replace your electrical panel. These include the type of electrical panel you choose, whether any additional wiring is needed, if you need additional parts like the electric meter box replaced, and the rate of the electrician performing the work. We recommend getting a free in-home estimate to understand the potential costs for your specific situation.

Can You Replace Your Electrical Panel On Your Own?

If you don’t take the proper precautions, it can be hazardous to replace an electrical panel. To replace an electrical panel, you must work with high-capacity electrical lines, which can pose a risk of shock or fire if not correctly managed.

For safety and to ensure the job is done to code, we strongly recommend having a professional, like the experienced electricians at Kuhlman Electric, perform this work.

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