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This guide book started out as a simple code basics guide for my own employees. I was finding that when we wired a detached garage, or something else we didn’t do all the time, there would be some confusion on how to do it properly, what the codes were, etc. I’m all about training at my own company and came up with a guide that would cover of all these situations. My employees could keep it in their trucks and pull it out, when needed. For example, if they were going to install a Tesla charger next week, they could reference the section in this guide book to refresh their memory.

This early company guide morphed into "Residential Electrician Field Guide". This guide includes many of the important residential codes, explained in a normal "non lawyer talk" way. One of the most frustrating things about our National Electrical Code book is that it is hard to read! My goal was to break down the codes and explain them in simplest fashion possible.

This guide is over 200 pages including over 75 diagrams and tables. Some of the items included in this guide:

  • NEC 2020 code changes
  • Under ground wiring
  • Detached garage wiring
  • New work and old wiring wiring installations
  • Arc-Fault protection
  • GFCI protection
  • Related codes to lighting and outlets throughout all different rooms in a house
  • EV charger installations
  • Service upgrade installations
  • Load Calculations
  • Knob and tube inspections
  • HVAC wiring
  • Cable and CAT lines
  • My thoughts on electrical inspectors
  • Massachusetts Amendments to the 2020 NEC
  • Some business thoughts
  • And much much more!

If you are a residential electrician or someone interested in it. I believe this to be the perfect guide for you!

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When I started this guide, my original intention was for it to be used by his own employees of Kuhlman Electric, Inc. to refer to and learn from. I take the education of my company’s employees very seriously and hoped to make them better field electricians. Being an effective troubleshooter, is one of the more difficult things to teach an employee as it requires a lot of experience due to the many different issues one may come across. As I started to develop the guide, I thought why not tweak it, so it could be used by anyone who is interested? The potential audience includes everyone ranging from homeowners who are interested in electrical problems, to field electricians looking to improve their skills. This guide covers troubleshooting situations that can be found in residential homes including:

  • Switches
  • GFCI's
  • Arc-Fault circuit breakers
  • Electric Heat
  • Electrical Panels
  • Lighting
  • Basic HVAC systems
  • Low voltage doorbell, cable, Cat6 wiring
  • Troubleshooting steps depending on situation
  • And much more!!

I have always said I learned the best from looking at diagrams and used many in this guide. They can be found throughout and should help the reader in further understanding the material. At the end of writing this guide, I said if this guide helps even one person to be a better electrician, mission accomplished!

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Was your home built before 1932? Are you planning to update your electrical wiring system? This guide book will take you through the entire process including:

  • What is knob and tube wiring? And what does it look like?
  • Why should my knob and tube wiring be replaced?
  • What are the steps to replacing it? How invasive of a process is it?
  • What kind of electrical materials are used?
  • How do electricians estimate it? How do i pick an electrician to do the job?
  • What to expect with contracts and billing.

Find the answers to all these questions and more inside!

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Was your home built before 1950? Are you planning to update your electrical system? This guide book will take you through the entire process including:

  • What is BX wiring? How can i identify it?
  • What are the issues with BX wiring and why should i replace it?
  • What are the steps to replacing it?
    * How invasive of a process is it?
  • How do electricians estimate this kind of work? How do i pick out the right electrician for me?
  • What to expect with contracts and billing.

This guide is a second in a series which address older wiring in homes. As a Master Electrician and owner of Kuhlman Electric in Massachusetts, Jesse Kuhlman sees far too many customers who have no idea about how having their electrical system updated should work, and can be completely mislead by electricians who don't have their best interests in mind. After hearing from far too many homeowners that "The last electrician said i will have to gut some walls to run the new wiring" Kuhlman knew something needed to be done! The result is this series

Kuhlman's goal with these guides, as with all aspects of his business, is EDUCATION of the customer first and foremost. If you are educated to the process (from estimate to install to final billing) think about what a great advantage that will give you while getting estimates / meeting with electrical contractors. And honestly, it should help the electrical contractor meeting you as well! After reading this guide, you will be able to distinguish the difference between the legit electricians who do this work all the time and the ones who don't.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the processes of the new wiring installation, materials used, contracts, billing, estimating are the same, it doesn't matter which kind of old wiring you have. If you have purchased "A Homeowner's Guide to Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement", the information about new wiring installation, materials used, contracts, billing, estimating in "A Homeowner's Guide to BX Wiring Replacement" is the same.

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Are you buying a new home? Are you having a home inspection?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then this guide was created for you! Jesse Kuhlman created this guide after years of having customers email his company their home inspection reports. Customers would ask for clarification on what the electrical issues meant, what the fixes were, and most importantly what the repair would cost. Within this guide you will find Jesse's top 10 electrical issues he has found over his years of running his own residential electrical company.

While dreaming this guide up, Jesse came up with 25 topics in total but decided to narrow it down to his top 10 due to the extreme length it was growing to.

Hint: Be on the look out for a volume 2! Each issue / repair will be thoroughly explained using pictures and diagrams, written in a way that is easy to follow. In addition to what the repairs will entail, Jesse included rough estimated costs of each repair based on what his own company charges to make the repairs. Jesse's goal was to create a guide homeowners could hold up side by side with their home inspectors report and gain the much needed insight into the electrical issues. In addition to the top 10 issues, Jesse included a chapter on picking out an electrician in your area to perform your work.